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Call Sarge at: (850) 478-6252 (home office)




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Having trouble with your PC? Im sure you have not seen the above errors but it seems like this is what you are having to deal with. Perhaps you need someone to help you?



If you are getting strange errors and popups they could be bogus hacker scripts running from the internet on your browser. I have tools that can help you fix the issues and I can remote into your computer if you will allow that and try to help you fix the issues you are having.


Call Sarge at: (850) 478-6252



For Remote Service


For a $37.00 Donation



If you do not have internet connection you will need to bring the unit to my shop.

Call for directions

After repair you can pay in cash or you can use your CC or PayPal:


Payment for $73.00 for workbench fee

Or we can send an email for payment.


Need a new computer?




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(850) 255-3737 (cell)

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