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Much has happened since the last report; and for starters I must insist that the Bible is true and accounts for things out of our understanding because Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” From that last meeting to now we did get back in but that was short lived. Another issue came up that removed me out completely from the local Jail and now that that door is closes I am looking for another door to open. Please pray for this; It does not have to be the prison ministry; as I am open for whatever the Lord would have me do. For now I will be working on more Bible Studies and publishing them on the Bible Studies page.

Karen hurt her back a few months ago from a fall and is still having trouble with the pain; please pray for her to recover from that fall. That happened the day we were to go to Tennessee for the wedding of my son Jeremiah so we had to leave the next day and that seemed to create a problem but the wedding was really nice and everything went very well. Please pray for Jeremiah & Lydia and their new life together as husband and wife.

Since I am no longer in the Prison Ministry; I was thinking about changing the name to focus on the Bible Studies to Believing Bible Studies. That is not etched in stone as of yet and I am still praying for direction in the ministry.



Finally I am able to write here again. It has been a long time from the last post here. But there is actually a reason for this. In November there was an incident with a prisoner that caused a shutdown of our study. This was reported by the prisoner to the Chaplin that we were teaching that “if you don’t use a King James Bible then you’re going to hell!” However, no one on our team ever taught this. Nevertheless the Bible tells us to 1 Corinthians 6:7b, “…Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?” And so we did suffer that wrong.

Today we got back in and in a different area for the first time sense that event and now we have two pods that we are in teaching and or preaching back to back. In our first meeting from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM we had 4 to show up for that. And in the second meeting from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM we had 10 to show up for that. It was a good meeting in both pods and although no one got saved we were able to help disciple them along the way. This was more of an introduction to us being the first time in these pods. It was encouraging to me personally to see the turn out and I am looking forward to next Thursday.

This Saturday will be a meeting for new people and for those of us that are already in the system. If you are interested in this ministry and would like to serve the Lord with us please contact me for details.

Still on the prayer list: The van needs to be repaired as the need for traveling to the State Prisons will be opening back up in Crestview and possibly in Blackwater. Both are still on hold from last year with the new Chaplin in Crestview. Blackwater is not open yet. The car holdup keeps these from being able to deal with.

Also on the prayer list: We are in need of a Laser Color printer for the printing of Bible Studies for prisoners. This will reduce the cost of taking these to a local print shop to process. If you would like to help in any of the cost please see my Donations page on the Support Our Ministry page.

Please pray for us as we go behind the gates in the Local Jails and State Prisons: for safety, health and most important that souls are saved and lives changed for the Lord Jesus Christ to the Glory of the Lord God Almighty.

Also please pray for the Bible Studies page and our server to stay up and running. There are many from Russia, India and the Philippines that have asked me if they can teach from our web site to their people. Many of these have no missionaries and are looking for good sound doctrine to preach and teach in remote locations. What a blessing we can do this from Pensacola, Florida.



Today I have added a new section at the bottom of the Bible Studies page called Tracts. These are ready printable PDF files that can be printed in color for distribution and evangelization. It is my desire that lost people will come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and are set free.

On a less happy note, we are no longer in the State Prison Bible Study in Crestview. This door has been shut for now with the advent of a new Chaplin. However, there are plenty of other State Prisons that we are going to be looking into soon. The issue of transportation and the van is at the forefront of this, because without transportation it is not likely we will be able to get to the locations. Please pray for this urgent need.

Today we will be going into the local Jail here in Pensacola to teach and preach the Bible to the local inmates. The latest Tract that I have designed is called The Harbinger of Death found at the bottom of the Bible Studies page. And the message that is based on this tract is also found on that page under the title Doctrine - The Harbinger of Death. Lord willing I will be preaching this today; please pray that someone will be saved today.



This month has been a really good month. The students in both the State Prison and Local Jail are doing very well and growing in the Lord. It has been such a wonderful ministry and I personally appreciate the Lord allowing me the privilege of being a part of this ministry. Brother Joe is doing very well with some really good preaching. It is good to have him on board with us.

A few prayer requests: first is the Van; it has been broke down for a while now and either needs to be fixed or replaced. The trouble is I am still paying for it; and have put a lot of money into trying to fix it. Please pray for this; there is an opening for a new location to visit another prison but it requires a longer drive than to Crestview and this van was supposed to be used for this.

Next: we are in need of a color laser printer for printing Bible studies for prisoners who are asking for my studies. I sent out two packets today to prisoners and two other packets to individuals.

This is the first day of the Bad Attitude Baptist Blowout and it has been really good. The preaching is great and the music was really good too. I am looking forward to the next few days, preaching, singing and fellowship. What a blessing it is to be a part of such a fantastic ministry and church.

I have added a few new studies to the Bible Studies page: TimeLines - What does Hebrew mean and who is Melchisedec and Doctrine - The Fear of the Lord and TimeLines – Sevens and updated Church Age - Bible Map of The Church Age and also added Numerology - Seven & The General Revelation Tribulation Map. There is a need for proofreaders for these Bible Studies please refer to the bottom of the Bible Studies page for proofreader instructions if you want to volunteer your help for this ministry.



We have had a good month in both the state prison and the local jail with Bible studies and Preaching. Please pray for this ministry as we are in need of a fourth person to fill a vacancy. We have been given two pods but cannot go into our second pod without having a second person for that slot. We have a new brother that is working with us and we are glad that the Lord as added to the ranks brother Joe. Please pray for him and his family.

Our time is limited on every Thursday’s in the local jail so we only have time for two to teach lessons or preach. At the state level we have a Bible study on Tuesday and we have a preaching Sunday event once a month.

We want to see these men come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and to grow in the Lord as they learn their Bible. It is always a great event to be there and teach or preach and the men give great attention to our every word.

As of the last post on here we are still in need of these things; please pray that the Lord will have mercy in allowing the van to be fixed and we are still in need of a color laser printer.

I have finished some very lengthy Bible Studies and have posted them to the Bible Studies page. The finished Numerology - Seven Sevens was a long time coming with 71 pages. And I finished and uploaded a new Study today: Timelines - The Decree of Cyrus. Some others that I have recently finished and uploaded: Doctrine - Is 1000 Equal to 1and Doctrine - Prophetic Dating. I hope these are a help to anyone who reads them.




Praise the Lord I was born again July 28th, 1981 – It seems like it wasn’t that long ago but it has been 36 years now! It has been that long even though I remember exactly what happened and what led up to my conversion. I know to the hour when I was translated from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of His Dear Son!


A lot has been happening here these last months; time seems to have picked up the pace and now it is already July. The year is half over! The van is still not fixed and there seems to be some issue with the car’s computer. Please pray this is fixed soon. Also we are without central air and it is sweltering here in Florida. Please pray for this to be replaced. The system is old and out dated so a replacement system is needed. We are also in need of a laser color printer for the ministry to print Bible Studies for some prisoners that are requesting materials. Please pray for a laser color printer as well.


I have posted some new Bible Studies; I have many on the way as well. I hope these studies are a help and a blessing to anyone who reads them. I have rearranged some of the grouped headings and added the group called TimeLines. I may be doing more of that in the future as the Doctrine group is becoming too large as is the Theology group.


Looking for anyone that would like to proof read these Bible Studies. This would be a great help. If you would like to volunteer your time and effort. There are instructions at the bottom of the Bible Studies page. You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader that allows for highlighting and notes. This will make it easy for me to see what the problem is at a glance. You can then attach to an email and sent to me with the highlights and notes re-saved in the PDF file. I am not the world’s best speller; and when relying on spell checker sometimes it misses a right spelled word but the wrong word. The grammar checker is supposed to check for that; but sometimes it misses things.


If you are interested in donating to this ministry please check the Support Our Ministry link for ways to donate. We do ask for your prayerful consideration to supporting this ministry financially.




Much has happened in the past month and to just highlight: On the way to the State Prison in Crestview my van had the timing belt brake and so that day we were not able to visit the prison. I did get a good opportunity to talk to the wrecker truck driver on the way back as we were almost all the way to Crestview and had to be towed back into Pensacola. According to his testimony he was saved but admitted to the need to get back into Church. Also our mechanic told us that the car would be very expensive to fix but that he does not do that type of work on that sort of engine. That next day we were scheduled to go to Tennessee for my daughter’s wedding and had to rent a car.

The wedding was fantastic and the ceremony was a total glorification of the Marriage of the Lamb. They did do a wonderful job with all the décor and the event was very memorable. Please pray for Rick and Rebekah as they start their journey in this life together has husband and wife as Mr. and Mrs. McKnight.

Please pray that we can get our car repaired as the cost will be way out of our reach right now.

Also pray for the Prison Ministry and the open door to get back in. We got in town in time to go to Crestview; but it was canceled and we were told not to go by the Chaplaincy. Please pray that this is not a permanent thing; we are always looking at that possibility that it will eventually close up for us.

The local jail in Pensacola is still going on and I am looking forward to going in this Thursday. Please pray for souls to be saved and the saved ones to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord.

My mom is doing much better and getting around in a wheelchair; please pray for my parents as they are in their late 80’s.



Time gets away from us sometimes and it has been a few months since I have posted on this page. In the last few months a lot has happened. The local Jail Ministry has been very productive a core group is now showing up for Bible studies and are being very protective of us when we go in. We had an situation with a prisoner where after the end of our Bible Study and ending prayer he came down from his cell and started hitting the walls and cursing telling us to get out and that they did not want us there calling us filthy names and the other two teachers were at the exit door but I was own in the lower area and our Bible Study group surrounded me and two of them stood between the exit and the prisoner that was causing a scene. It was like the Lord was protecting me in that moment. The love of the brethren and the Love of the Lord was all over me from the group of Bible students. No one had to deal with the fellow that was cursing; but when I was in the double door area I set my eyes on that fellow; and he started twitching and sort of glancing in my direction but never looked right at me. He seemed scared to look me in the eye. The next time we went in he never showed up. I am not sure he was even there anymore. Nevertheless what a blessing it was to know that the Bible students in there had our backs. The Lord is working in the lives of these men; please pray for them and our ministry.

About the state prison in Crestview we have had some setbacks as they have had incidents there that have kept us from having classes for a couple of weeks. Today will be another day to go out there for our Tuesday Bible Study. Please pray that this door stays open and our time is expanded back to three hours. It has been minimized to only one hour or less sometimes.

Another event that had me miss a week of ministry was an unexpected trip to Tennessee because my mother had a stroke. Please pray for my mom that she will have a full recovery.

We are being given another open door in the local jail and we have recruited another volunteer for this as we need two per pod and right now we have had three volunteers but can only get into one pod. The upcoming meeting for new volunteers is this Saturday; please pray for the labourers that go into the prisons and perhaps you should ask the Lord to send more: Luke 10:2, “Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.” It is truly a great work where many are being saved.



Last month was very productive in the Prison Ministries and I did not get a chance to update here. I have also been very busy with editing this web site and overhauled the Bible Study page. I have reorganized the Bible Studies in groups now so that you can find the subject you are looking for a bit easier. I still have some work to do with this as not everything is grouped and some of the studies could go under more than one group which creates problems. If you would like to help in this project please contact me. Proof Readers are needed.

We have seen many souls saved and many rededications in the past few months. It is wonderful to see the Lord work in the lives of these prisoners. If you are in the area and would like to get involved please contact us and we will do our best to get you started in the right direction.

Please keep our ministry in your prayers. One thing we need would be a laser color printer. Please pray for this we are sending these studies into the prisons using only a black printing laser and as you can see if you have looked at any of these they are in color. If you feel you can help in this matter please contact us or visit our Support Our Ministry Page.



We are now 3 weeks into the local jails in Pensacola. Last week we had two saved and this week 1 rededication. It is great to serve the Lord and wonderful to see Him working through us all that go in the Prisons and Jails. Please keep praying for our safety and ability to go into these places to serve the Lord and help these men. Many are hopeless and helpless, lost and seeking something better. It is a great place to reach people for Christ. You don’t have to convince these people that they are sinners; they understand this better than most free people on the outside.

We are continuing to go into the State Prisons every Tuesdays in Crestview and are going to have a special meeting this coming week Lord willing. I am looking forward to this meeting. Also next week is Thanksgiving week: I pray everyone is safe and responsible. This time of year the jails get crowded and many people in there get depressed. Please pray for the Chaplains that are inside the prisons and jails as they are risking their lives for the Lord. They are like missionaries in an unfriendly foreign field.



Please pray for us as we continue to strive to serve the Lord in the State Prison. There are many groups that go into the prisons from our Church. What we are involved in is the Crestview State Prison Tuesday Bible Study. We also get to go in on various occasions to preach and teach on Sundays in this location and the work camps. Time is running short and having been busy with setting up this web site and getting ready for the drum corps meetings for practice and gearing up for the Pensacola Christmas Parade and preparing for the Mission Fair; it’s a busy time of the year. Pray we get all these things accomplished. Looking forward to finishing well.

We have a great core group that meets in Prison on Tuesdays; Please pray for them. We are also seeing more new people every week come to the meeting. Please pray for them as many of the new people are lost and looking for something they may have missed in life. It is a great opportunity to present the gospel. They already have the bad news. They need encouragement, enlightenment, and sound doctrine.

Pray for the Bible Studies and tracts to be approved by the Chaplains, they have already disapproved a tract on “Christian Rock n’ Roll.” However, that does not mean I cannot teach against it; just can’t pass out that tract about it. I have some other tracts pending; pray they are allowed in.

I have made many changes to the web pages and have more planned for the future. Keep coming back to see what’s new. Thank you for your prayers and support.



Please pray for us as we strive to serve the Lord in the State Prisons of Florida. This ministry is serving under the umbrella of the ministry of Forward in Faith originally started by Dr. Carl Deems of Burning Bright Ministries now under the leadership of Row Wade. As a my brother, and companion in labour, and fellowsoldier in the ministry (Philippians 2:25) we teach the Bible to inmates incarcerated in the state prisons and seek to help them NOT be repeat offenders and second to that keep them out of hell fire and damnation. By instruction and teaching the Bible from a believing view we hope to help them escape hell, and gain heaven and because of their new found faith keep them from repeating their offence. We deal with many prisoners from those that are lifers to some doing minimal time; we hope to affect all groups as the lifers have a ministry there too; and those that are getting out need to get a clean and fresh start in life.

 It is my prayer to give these men that volunteer to come to our Bible Study the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We teach and preach and believe the Authorized Version commonly called the King James Bible.

Please pray for our classes and the men that come to them. They are hungry for God’s words and want a change in their lives of which many have had in the past.

There are events coming up for preaching engagements and for new volunteers to join our ranks. This ministry is not for everybody just a few good saved men need apply. There are opportunities for preaching, teaching and cell to cell visitation.


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