The Bible Believer’s Drum Corps and Bible Baptist Drum Corps are one in the same.

Started in 1998 by David A. Sargent for the purpose of creating a core group of drummers who have the right background for playing God’s music in Church services and marching in parades to the Glory of God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The formation of the drum corps was in line with teaching the American Standard Rudimentary Drumming and Formal Military Percussion based drumming to enable our church the opportunity to set up and maintain an orchestration drum section that would play the hymns in their true form as a march; and also a marching drum corps that would march in the Pensacola Christmas Parades each year as a witness and testimony of the grace of God found only in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It has been a great honor and blessing to teach drumming all these years and be a part of this ministry. My last year playing in the drum corps was in 2010 from the suffering of extreme back pains as I can no longer carry a drum. I did continue to march alongside the drum corps another year, but the neuropathy in my feet ended that as well. I have continued to teach and instruct the new drummers as well as direct and administrate the drum corps thereafter and as we gear up again for another year; what a blessing. I am deeply appreciative of all those who have been involved in one way or another in the drum corps and look forward to meeting one day up in the air.

Below are a few years of photos that I have gathered, my only regret is that we did not have someone taking photos each and every year.



Stuff for The Percussionists

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Audios & Videos and Graphic Links

Videos of Previous Parades

Training Videos

2003 Milton Christmas Parade

The Bible Believers Drum Corps 2016 Light Stick Practice

2003 Pensacola Christmas Parade

The Bible Believers Drum Corps Cadence Video

Bible Baptist Drum Corps Training Video

2007 Pensacola Christmas Parade

Drum Corps Music For Songs

Sheet Music


2010 Pensacola Christmas Parade Video From TV

1 All Hail The Power 42

1 All Hail The Power 42

2010 Pensacola Christmas Parade A Section Then Roll Off

2 Hark! The Herald 93

2 Hark! The Herald 93


3 Hold The Fort 409

3 Hold The Fort 409

2016 Pensacola Christmas Parade Dress Rehearsal

4 Angels We Have Heard 89

4 Angels We Have Heard 89

2016 Pensacola Christmas Parade

Lessons – Sheet Music


Drum & Percussion Lessons Syllabus

2017 Bible Baptist Church Dress Rehearsal

The Bible Believers Drum Corps Cadence Sheet Music

2017 Pensacola Christmas Parade

Drum Corps Line, Rank & File

Bible Baptist Drum Corps Drum Line, Rank & File


If Anyone has any Videos of These Parades that I am Missing, Please Send a Copy to Me and I will Post Them Here.
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Practice Sticks for Lessons

Vic Firth Drumsticks 2b Teardrop Wood Tips


Drum Sticks Used For The Pensacola Parade

Trophy FX12RD Firestix Light-Up Drumsticks Red


For the Metallophone (Bells or Glockenspiel)

1 All Hail The Power 42

2 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 93

3 Hold The Fort 409

4 Angels We Have Heard On High 89

(Metallophones Will Use The Flute Sheet Music Score)


Metallophone Sticks

Inexpensive Hard Plastic Beaters

Brass Metal Beaters



Pictorial History of the Bible Believers Drum Corps
(Bible Baptist Drum Corps)


Pace Christmas Parade













(This photo is taken from the video and is why it is so blury)





Sorry to say we did not get photos of all the years that we have marched. However IF you have any videos or photos of this year or previous year parades and want to see them posted here, please send them to Thank you.



And Now For Some Corny Drummer Jokes:







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