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Born December 15th, 1958; Sargent was raised in the Episcopal Church until around age 13 when rebellion entered into his life. Prior to this time he was a Boy Scout attaining the Life Scout rank and was in the Order of the Arrow and the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. He was about to go to the next level in scouting to Eagle Scout however the rebellion took him in a different direction. Sargent was 12 when he started playing drums and percussion by 14 he started learning rock n’ roll and got involved in things that go along with that culture. By 16 he was playing drums professionally in the band that his brother and he started. Below are some photos of those years.






After graduating from High School in 1977, and a failed year in college; and with the band also failing; he joined the US Air Force on a whim in 1978. While in the Air Force during Basic Military Training Sargent volunteered for the Drum & Bugle Corps. Once transferred to this new flight he was made Drum Captain and led the drum corps helping train some of the other drummers to read music and play correctly, improving their sticking and rudiments and was in charge of tuning the drums.

After Basic Training he was awarded this Certification of Recognition of Outstanding Performance as a Drummer in the BMTS Drum & Bugle Corps in 1978.

Later in Active Duty and while working as a Jet Fuel Specialist he became discontented with a job that he hated and felt very displaced in the Military. Soon the culture of the past followed him and after three and a half years of military he found himself in front of a court martial. This was now July 28th, 1981 and around 10:00 PM as he was befriended by another prisoner, who showed him how to receive Jesus Christ as his savior. He knew he was a sinner and did not want to go to hell fire and received Jesus Christ as his savior and that event altered his life, his thinking, is motive, his desires, and his eternity. (This is the short story version)


Sargent studied the Bible for many years and was awarded two Doctor of Divinity Degrees; one in 1983 and the other in 1984. It was around 1984 when he was able to learn about the Personal Computer from his father who was a mainframe programmer. Sargent learned the DOS OS and learned BASIC programming language. Was able to go to college and was awarded Certificate of Data Processing in 1992 and a BA in Computer Programming in 1993. The Photo on the left was in 1987 on a visit to Pensacola at Bible Baptist Church. He moved from Tennessee to Florida in 1996 to be a help to the Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola. Sargent has owned and operated Sargent Computer Services from 1997 to the present.


Through the past years in Pensacola he has been involved in building, administrating the Bible Believers Drum Corps, he is also involved in the prison ministry, and has well over 300 plus Bible Studies that are from a Believing Bible Study view point. He has been faithful at Bible Baptist Church where he has attended since 1996 and plays the snare drum in the orchestra.

Sargent has also set up a booth for Scotland in our annual Missions Fair each fall. Helpers are always needed. If you would like to help with the Scotland booth in our Missions Fair please contact: david@av1611kjb.org. There will be food and drink, face painting for the kiddies, lots of Scottish regalia, videos about Scotland, and a video about King James and the King James Bible and ay we’ll be a’ wear’rn mi wee Sco’ish kilt!

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Bible Believer’s Pipe Band

Ephesians 6:14

Mission Fair

Mission Fair






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Mission Fair

Mission Fair

Mission Fair

Mission Fair




The Heraldry of Sargent

Designed by: David A. Sargent

Proverbs 22:1, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.”








From Burke’s General Amory:


Sargent Adopted Scottish Heraldry


From my Grandmother on my Dad’s side from the Family Muir and
My involvement in The Bible Believer’s Pipe Band.


Sargent Designed Tartan of The Orange & The Blue






Sargent Adopted The Stewart Black Tartan









Sargent Clan Crest

AVISE LA FIN - Consider The End

Mission Fair – Scottish Video

The Muir Family Heraldry - Knighthood Crest - History

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